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Co-owners Judy & Arturo met 13 years ago while working in a Marco Island restaurant. Judy, a relocated New Yorker with background in retail, worked as a server with Arturo, a humble prep chef. Their friendship developed into a mutual respect and a strong foundation for dreaming. And while even they couldn’t envision their success, they mixed the dream with tireless work and added some drive, let it simmer for a while and soon their “baby” was born and has grown to become Marco’s favorite restaurant.

It is no coincidence that the name of the restaurant’s co-owner and Executive Chef contains the word “Art”, because a true master he is…Mexican-born Arturo, left his native land while a teenager moving first to New York where he trained and learned the classics of the Italian kitchen in some of that city’s leading restaurants.

The desire for perfection inspired a trip to Italy, where he spent months transforming skill into art. He passed that gift down to his sons, Edgar and Arturo Jr. Perez and son-in-law Juan Cortazar to ensure that entrees are delivered from the kitchen not on plates but on palettes. That’s what keeps our guest coming home again and again. In this age of Celebrity Chef, Marco diners need only to visit Arturo’s to experience the best in Classic Italian Cuisine